Saturday, June 17, 2017

A Little House Cleaning

It's Saturday and I thought I would do a little house cleaning. Now the "room" I'm working on this morning is my "in box" of my email. Yes I'm one of those that just can't delete emails, not even all those ads I receive. So today I'm deleting all the ads I have received. Just looking through some emails I have some dating back to 2013. Please don't judge me.

Decluttering I know in organizing you need to know want to keep and what to get rid of. I ha
d a dear friend who is a professional  organizer. Charla came and transformed by barn. My barn is were I do my crafting, host family and friend get togethers and my hubby does his hobbies also and just a wonderful place to hang out.

Ok back to my story of emails. I have a direct sale business, a very active volunteer in several organization, a wife, mother, grandmother and is my spare time enjoy paper crafting, painting and working with flowers.

I had thousands, yes thousands of emails in my inbox, so the first thing I'm doing is  deleting by groups, You know all those ad emails, I use YAHOO and it allows you to call up all the emails from one sender and delete them all at one time. So that's what I been doing and I'm making some head way.

 I'm getting back to my project. Hope you have a great Saturday and I'll give you an update later.  Contact me if you like. 

Happy Saturday!!!

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