Sunday, December 29, 2013

Great time between Christmas & New Years

The holidays have been so enjoyable, time with family and friends and I have also fit in a little shopping. The Whistle Stop is a little shop in my home town that has some of the neatest stuff. Sandra, the shop owner is so sweet and we always are going on about which one of us is the oldest.  Several month ago I was in the Whistle Stop just looking around and there a clock and had just come in and I loved it.  And this past Friday Sandra had a half price sell. Oh, yes the clock was still there and the best thing was I had a "gift certificate" that I was given by the most wonderful kids I had directed this past summer at a theatre camp.

So long story, short this clock is now hanging a my crafting barn for all to see.

Yesterday there was some of the CTMH Lovelies at the barn for a little cropping and oh, yes they also loved the clock!

Thank you to all the 2013 TNT Garner Troupe~!

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